Computer and Software Requirements

All our cameras are supplied with free software that will run on even the smallest Windows PCs. It will run on even a tablet with only 2GB of memory and simple SSD storage, such as the Lenovo MiiX 310, but more recent mini-PCs or tablets or even a mini PC stick might be used. MacIntosh software is also available for our compact cameras. Amplified USB2 cables of up to 30m provide both power, control and image acquisition with these cameras.

Integration with Linux control systems and GigE networks can best be achieved by using SSH and Linux Remote Desktop to control such a mini-computer server running the camera. With our larger Atik imaging cameras you can use Atik Air to control the camera using a simple server, such as a Raspberry Pi, over WiFi or Ethernet to the client PC.

You could even control the camera with a stand-alone Raspberry Pi, without the need for a PC, as described below (but even a simple PC gives you additional advantages, and is not much more expensive).

Running an Atik CCD Camera (KAI 04022) on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Mate 16.04

The following instructions were provided by Jesus Mendoza at Colorado School of Mines.
A more complete manual and a Python script to run the camera can be downloaded.